L. Charles Churchman

DSC_3793(2)Sometime immunology researcher, graduate biologist, and thinker.  Most of my working life has been hindered by a range of atopic symptoms, including migraine, coeliac disease, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and phases of allergic reaction to tree pollens.

When you are affected by long-term atopic disease you cannot help thinking ‘Why me?’.  These pages, hopefully, help to answer that question for everyone affected by atopic symptoms.

It was well over 30 years ago that I hit on the possibility that most western diseases originate from the feeding of formula milk to newborn babies. The idea was derided by many of my research colleagues and friends, but gained new significance with the epidemiological work of Maureen Minchin, in Australia. Maureen had come to very similar conclusions after extensive study. This helped to give me the courage to publish The Kindness of Human Milk – the website and the book.  More recently I have read ‘The Cow and the Coronary’ authored by Dr C. Austin and published in the USA in 1979 and found material from 1956  originating in Australia and echoing similar conclusions.

I realise that in our current situation, where almost every medic tries to ensure that patients get ‘enough dairy food for the calcium’ and other nutrients, I am setting myself up for some punishing treatment at their hands.  I am also aware that application of the ideas expressed by Maureen Minchin and myself toward infant nurture can be employed to reduce the impact of Western diseases on human health worldwide and dramatically reduce health service costs nationwide.