No competition for breast milk

The purpose of this blog is to present facts based on extensive research to help prevent the steady increase of western diseases throughout the world.  It also provides information that may enable health practitioners to choose effective treatment options for those affected by atopic symptoms.  The scientific research is summarised in my book ‘The Kindness of Human Milk‘.  What follows is a simplistic summary comparison between natural and artificial infant foods and their effects.

Breast milk

Negative points

  • None apart from social pressures.

Positive points

  • Nutritional quality adjusts naturally according to infant requirements over time.
  • No preparation time – no washing-up.
  • Colostrum provides useful antibodies and other immune modulators to all body systems via the bloodstream, after little or no digestion.
  • Transfer of useful immunity from Mother to child, protecting from current diseases.
  • No immune reaction to maternal human milk. Mother’s and child’s immune systems align to enable gestation and remain aligned. Maternal milk is treated as self by the child’s immune system.
  • Girls pass on their healthy state to their own children in due course.

Formula milk

Positive points

  • None – unless you are selling it.

Negative points

  • Hypernutrition leading to childhood obesity.
  • No maternally supplied antibodies to protect against current diseases.
  • Immunologically challenging foods go into the bloodstream with little or no digestion and cause the immune system to identify these foods as pathogens.
  • Generation of antibodies to formula feed ingredients including dairy or soy components.
  • Girls pass on their negative health issues to their own children. These commonly include e.g. asthma, eczema, allergy, autism, vascular disorders, arthritis, hay fever, Alzheimer’s disease, MS, depression,……etc.  Actual symptoms depend on genetic input and serendipity.

All things considered, it is vitally important that we get back to our biological normality for infant nurture.  It gave us more than a million years of success without need of modern ‘necessities’.  There will come a point when, as a society, we can no longer meet the rising cost of modern medical care – a medical care developed to help us through diseases that, in many cases, we have ourselves created through use of replacements for maternal human milk.

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