Atopic disease and politics

So much of the truth of atopic disease has already been written, but what prevents this from becoming mainstream, so that we can all give due consideration to choices that, literally, will control our quality of life and, to an extent, our longevity?

America is a country that has more than its share of atopic illness.  Medical involvement has helped pharmaceutical companies to build a huge source of revenue on the back of this burden of disease.  They produce not cures, but palliative treatments: drugs that need to be taken for life in many cases.  Just think of asthma. – Pills, inhalers, all the accessory products to filter out pollen, kill dust mites – it’s a huge industry!  Asthma can be stopped in its tracks by dietary change in many cases, but where is the profit in that?  If one should recommend that removing foods of bovine origin from the diet will likely stop asthma the pharmaceutical industry takes a big hit.  Not only that, but the beef and dairy farming community will be very alarmed and doctors, who have been telling everyone that dairy products are almost the only good source of calcium that they can recommend, will not enjoy being contradicted.  Feminists, whose icon, at one time, was a shirtless, well muscled man holding a baby and feeding it from a bottle, will also be alarmed.  How easy is it to break through all of that?

As we are, we might be able to keep things steady for another generation of two, but by that point the burden of atopic diseases will have financially crippled the U.S.A. and one or two European countries.  Not only do we have to provide pharmaceuticals, but, in the current model, we are losing chunks of the population from productive employment and general education.  As the percentage of autistic children rises, and asthma and diabetes place their stress on health budgets, with cancer treatments also consuming large chunks of those budgets, the burden of continuing the current pattern of spending will cause economic collapse.  We need to find a way out of this situation.

The way out is not through researching better palliative pharmaceutical treatments!  It will not emerge as a result of commercial or cultural pressures.  It will come about as a result of our own, individual choices about the best way to deal with personal illness and avoid the impending disaster.  Most of all, it will come as a result of improving individual knowledge, despite the political lobbying of the commercial groups mentioned above.  As a people, we have to arm ourselves with the knowledge that will help us shake off the burden of atopic disease.  We will have to re-educate our doctors and ourselves.  We need to accept that the current concept of commercial medicine is leading us toward total disaster.  Palliative, chemical, pharmaceutical treatments are a sidetrack.  Farmers will soon need to produce new crops for those who can no longer eat wheat, or cheese, or beef.  It will have to be a very substantial change for a majority of the population.  It will require extirpation of many of the sacred cows of western life!

To beat the heavy handed political lobbying of pharmaceutical and agricultural pressure groups, we need to share personal experiences of our health improvements as we aim for the curative, rather than palliative, approach to solving our own health issues.  We should aim to reach the age of 90 without the support of pharmaceutical chemicals and to be healthy for as long as possible, before thinking of accepting any such palliative pills.

When you are healthy, headaches almost never happen to you; when your diet is right you can escape from arthritis, asthma, irritable bowel, and blood vascular system disorders, pretty much permanently.  When your diet is right you have no need of palliative, chemical medicines.

Permanently avoid the foods that cause your body to react by producing disease symptoms.  Chocolates, doughnuts, candies, canned drinks, canned anything; all the ‘treats’ that were part of your fridge raiding activities – say good riddance to them!  They were either contributing to disease symptoms or making it difficult to control your body size.  You ate them because of the cortisone driven cycle of addiction and kidded yourself that you really liked them, when in reality addiction was in control.  They made you happy for an while, then anxious as cortisone levels fell back, then made you raid the fridge or candy cupboard again for your next euphoric high.

When you are full of health you rarely succumb to infection, so reserve the use of antiseptics and antibiotics for times when they are really needed.  Don’t just take stuff like that to keep you at the top of the career ladder.  Many who do, have a short career success, followed by a  very short retirement.  Go for health through eating the right foods for you and your newfound stamina will keep you at the peak of your career for much longer – it may not even seem like a career peak, simply the success that comes naturally to folk who look after their own health.

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