Recurring headache and migraine

Very typical of food intolerance reactions – especially with regard to dairy foods – is a pattern of repeated headache in the form of migraine or sinus headaches.  When these occur there is a need to dramatically reduce intake of dairy products, or to remove them entirely from the diet.  The pain may result from consumption or from a period devoid of consumption of foods of bovine origin – a classic withdrawal reaction.

To effect a cure the sufferer should be prepared for a period of pain and anguish, popularly referred to as ‘cold turkey’.  Over three to six days abstinence from dairy produce, the body’s protection reactions have to revert to normal. More specifically the production of cortisone has to be dramatically reduced, as much less needs to be released into the general circulation. During this ‘cold turkey’ the body’s reaction may include headache, shaking, backache and periods of sweating and shivering. These should all be looked upon as signs that the body is returning to a more normal and relaxed phase and at no point should the patient be persuaded to succumb to a return to eating or drinking dairy products, either now, or at any future time.

It becomes very difficult to make the point with sufficient weight that dairy products can severely damage the health of those who carry antibodies to foods of bovine origin.  This particular point seems to be contrary to current medical advice and practice, linked to the promotion of dairy-based agriculture and consumption of dairy products.  Formula milk given to a newborn child penetrates to all body systems that are awaiting components of the mother’s colostrum.  An immune reaction to these ensues.  In later life this can affect skin, all mucous systems, blood vessel linings, brain function and eye health, among other body systems, if foods of bovine origin continue to be consumed through to adult life.

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