Summary statements about western diseases

After some 25 years of study, these are my conclusions about the illnesses we most commonly encounter:

  • Western diseases are essentially atopic diseases, though most are not currently described in that way.
  • Atopic diseases are caused by feeding anything other than maternal human milk to newborn babies.
  • Atopic disease is passed from generation to generation down the maternal line as an acquired characteristic, or characteristics, through transplacental transfer.
  • A mother with atopy will always pass the potential for atopic disease to her children.
  • The symptoms of atopic disease depend on maternal health, parental genetic variability, and chance.
  • Asthma, eczema, glue ear, gluten intolerance, rhinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, lower bowel, breast, and prostate cancer, early-onset diabetes, autism, depression, obesity, atheroma, heart disease, and many other diseases are consequences of atopy linked to bottle-feeding, or to having an atopic, biological mother.
  • A father with atopic disease may pass the genetic potential for specific symptoms, but not atopy itself, to his children.
  • There is no known, safe cure for atopic disease within Western medicine. Only the suppression of certain symptoms is possible. The avoidance of provocative foods may lead to increased immune sensitivity at first, due to reduced cortisone levels, but may halt or slow the progress of some atopic symptoms.
  • Asthma normally responds to a diet free of all foods of bovine origin. It is likely to return powerfully if foods of bovine origin are again consumed after an interval.  Most atopic disease responds to removal of bovine and other allergenic foods from the diet.

Foods of bovine origin are all foods derived from the cow, including:  beef, gelatin, dairy products, Bovril (TM), butter, ghee, and so on.

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