NHS = Natural Health Suppression

Western disease symptoms are steadily increasing across the world.  From obesity to mental disorders there is a worldwide epidemic, wherever western medical practice has had access.  As the medical profession and their patients slowly begin to realise that they have been witnessing one of the greatest disasters of human health, we have to consider where this might all end up.  One huge gain might be that, as a people, we begin to see medicine for what it is, and not as some magical process of divine inspiration.  A second benefit may be that the lobbying power of the pharmaceutical industry becomes diminished and that doctors strive once again for independence of knowledge and an understanding of the action of each medicine that they prescribe.  A third outcome might be that the food industry manufacturers of formula feed components and other compounded food components are made answerable for the effects of their products upon consumers.

What are the current options for individual or group actions?  Is it possible for someone suffering obesity or asthma to sue the manufacturers of formula milk that was provided to them through hospital or nursing home routines?   Whom can I sue for the loss of a relative through Alzheimer’s, brought on through their having been bottle-fed at a nursing home, soon after birth?  What incentives are there for food and drug developers and suppliers to amend their processes and their products to ensure that they enhance health rather than prolong ill-health?  It really does seem that there may be every reason to encourage those affected to take personal action to identify the true source of their ill-health and to share knowledge of this cause, perhaps through social media.

It would really help if doctors could be trained in the identification of the source of an illness, rather than trained to give an illness a name and then prescribe a palliative treatment – of the millions of prescriptions issued every day the majority are palliative rather than truly curative. 

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